Grow your own Strawberries – Don't eat chemical bombs

Home grown organic Strawberries
 Have you ever wondered why strawberries are regarded as one of the most allergenic foods?
To answer this question we need to look at how commercial strawberries are grown. They are one of the most spray intensive crops farmers produce. Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are sprayed on the soil and plants even when they are fruiting. After picking, the fruit is dipped in fungicide before going into plastic boxes to stop strawberries from going mouldy. This makes them Chemical Bombs. Even though we try to wash strawberries thoroughly before eating, residue still remains in the tiny seed holes.
So what can we do if want to enjoy spray-free strawberries? Buy organic. By not treating with chemical sprays, but by using organic fertilizers, strawberries taste better and  are beneficial to our health and the environment.
Strawberries in a milk container in a wall
If you can not afford to buy, grow your own. Growing strawberries is so easy. Soon it will be time to prepare soil by adding generous amounts of manure and aged compost. Strawberries love a rich soil. Plant your runners around Easter time in the garden bed or even in a Styrofoam box and you will be rewarded with a continuous supply of organic, fresh, tasty and juicy strawberries from winter till summer. If you use self watering planter boxes you do not need to think about watering and the strawberries will hang over the edges of the box.
Our daughter Lada enjoys picking and eating sweet and juicy strawberries from our garden. She has never had any kind of allergic reaction. Once she had a few shop-bought strawberries at a birthday party. She immediately broke out in a rash on her arms which we treated with Aloe Vera.
A few times I have offered Lada a strawberry in each hand – one from our garden and one from the shop. She always picks intuitively the strawberry from our garden even though the one from the shop looks more or less identical. This makes us think that we all have an ability to naturally select what is best for us. Somehow, we loose this ability as we grow older.

How many of us select food (fruit and vegies specifically) according to our inner “gut’ feeling and smell? I guess there is no point in selecting supermarket fruit and vegies according to smell as there is none.

Once you try your own organically-grown fresh, tasty, and juicy strawberries, you will never be keen on buying strawberries from the supermarket.

Lada foraging strawberries


  1. Hi Spurtopians!

    I have enjoyed reading this, and i appreciate the information.
    Did you purchase strawberry plants or seeds?
    I am interested in getting organic strawberry seeds but im having difficulty locating a place to get them from! (local or online) Where did you get your plants / seeds?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    with love - Andy L

    1. Hi Andy,
      We are pleased you like the post and information about Strawberries.
      We started growing Strawberries from runners (small plants).Never tried growing them from seeds. At the end of summer a strawberry plant sends out runner to reproduce - you will get them from a gardener or a plant nursery.Strawberries are very easy to propagate. happy gardening


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