Bright Kids = Bright Future

We at SpurTopia support and encourage not only adults but also children by showing our  simple, healthy and happy way of living,  sharing our knowledge, ideas and inventions, inspiring  them to take the first step and empowering them to make a difference.

Not only are we positively influencing kids close to us (our daughter Lada and her friends), but also other children who, in return, are influencing and changing the environmental consciousness of their parents so they will start to walk lightly on the planet.

Working together, we will make a difference
Mt Maria College students came to visit SpurTopia as a part of their sustainability studies.
About 80 students learnt during a sustainable living talk, what they can apply to their "day to day" lives at home. An organized tour around our rented block of units  allowed them to see and touch "first hand" a lot of practical and inexpensive examples for sustainable living: recycled bath tub as self-watering planter, a cob oven, solar powered pump for a pond. They also saw beehives and chickens as well as finding out how hot a solar oven and a solar hot water system can get. They learnt what can be achieved in a small backyard.  This re-connection with nature ignited a light in their natural curiosity for how things work and an eagerness to learn more. We spent such a rewarding time together.
Bright kids create a bright future. There is such a great time ahead of us.
Sustainability talk

Students arriving... 

Show and tell

Lada engaging her new friends

Tour around the house

Life is sweet as honey

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