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Sat, 26 Oct 2019, 9:30 am - 11:30 am
Karrawatha Forest Park and Discovery Centre
In this practical workshop you will learn all you need to know about organic gardening. There will be plenty of practical and inexpensive ideas for growing food at home and even in small places. You will also make and plant a wicking pot to take home. All materials supplied.

More info. Bookings essential via email. Cost: $5

Sat, 26 Oct 2019, 12 pm - 2:00 pm
Karrawatha Forest Park and Discovery Centre
In this practical workshop with Roman Spur you will learn all you need to know about food fermentation. Fermented food is loaded with enzymes and vitamins that are beneficial for our health. Watch a demonstration on how to make sauerkraut, kombucha and yoghurt and share plenty of practical tips. All materials supplied.
More info. Bookings essential via email. Cost: $5

Sun, 27 Oct 2019, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
8 Osmund Court, Fernvale, 4306
link for more info

SPURTOPIA: HOW TO START BEEKEEPING -  We will share our beekeeping experience and how we started from scratch. You will gain important basics and knowledge to begin this great hobby of keeping honey bees.
Bedford Park, Spring Hill, Fee $40.00,  more info

SPURTOPIA: HOW TO START GARDENING -  We will share our gardening experience and how we started from scratch. You will learn about garden design, how to make organic soil and fertilizers, pest control ...  Bedford Park, Spring Hill, Fee $40.00,  more info

SPURTOPIA: RAW FOOD & FERMENTING - Find out about health benefits of eating raw and fermented food. Discover various ways of preparing cakes, soups, sprouts and smoothies. See practical demonstration of making Chia pudding & Sauerkraut...
Bedford Park, Spring Hill, Fee $40.00, more info

SPURTOPIA: HOW TO BE HEALTHY-CHEMICAL FREE - Learn about our way of living healthy lifestyle and what you can do to avoid chemicals. Includes household chemical free recipes.  Bookings via email essential

SPURTOPIA: NATURAL PARENTING CHEMICAL FREE KIDS - Learn, share, discuss how to bring up kids in most natural and chemical free way.  Bookings via email essential

SPURTOPIA: HOW TO LIVE SUSTAINABLY - Ideas, inventions and tips for sustainable living - includes garden tour and sampling of homemade food items. Bookings via email essential

SPURTOPIA: HOW TO START USING THE SUN -  Learn how to make a solar cooker and ideas for building a solar hot water system – includes cooking tips. Bookings via email essential

Learn all what you need to know about successful composting and how to start your very own worm farm. You can make your very own worm farm to start to produce a garden fertilizer. Material and worms will be available for purchase. Bookings via email essential

NOT available in person anymore! BUT there is video coming soon ;-)
Come to visit a urban farm where fruit, vegi, eggs and honey is produced in abundance. Learn and see 'first hand' what is possible to achieve in a rental property. There will be a lot of practical and inexpensive ideas for sustainable living - SpurTopia New Farm Bookings via email essential. Fee by donation.


Come and learn everything about composting and keeping a worm farm. You will also make and plant a wicking pot to take home. Bring a 2 Litre milk container with a lid.

Sustainable living in a rental property

This workshop covers a lot of ground and shows what can be done in a rental property, both in theory and practice. Our several years experience is applied in practice. The workshop will cover home sustainability, energy efficiency, gardening, and home produce as well as lots of tips about sustainable living  in a rental property.
The workshop starts with a half hour presentation, followed by a tour through the garden and around the house. It will finish up with cup of tea, home baked cake and a taste of home brew.

Open Garden Day
These days have been very popular with great attendances. About a half hour presentation is followed by a "big tour" around the house showing how different ideas and gardening methods have been applied in practice. Plenty of food to taste, plants to share and inspiration to take home.
Video - BOGI Open Garden Day

Sustainable parenting

As new parents we are applying our experience and knowledge to raising our "chemical free kid". With several years experience in childcare, organic gardening, and a positive approach to life, parenting is a great adventure and fun.
Lada's Natural Birth Story

Homegrown Communities

We like to share our experience with others but also learn from other people's experience. Community gardens and schools are our main focus.

Sustainable design and assessment of buildings 

Over 15 years theoretical and practical experience in ecologically sustainable design of buildings and communities have been valued on several projects. Applying these principles and advice provide energy savings and environmentally friendly and comfortable places to live.


  1. Wow you guys are keeping busy! We're looking forward to coming along to your bee workshop tomorrow :)

  2. Hello, Just wondering where exactly the program in Slacks Creek on July 3 is going to take place and where we can book in for it? Thank you, awesome work that you guys are doing, keep it up! Jana Meldt

    1. YFS - party in the part
      When: Friday 3rd July 2015
      Where: Rowan Park (Kingston Road & Wembley Rd intersection)
      Time: 10 am to 2pm
      Free entry

    2. Awesome, thank you! Will you guys have a stall there or is there a certain time slot where you will present on stage as well, if so what time would that be? Thank you!

    3. Will have a stall with display table there and most likely presenting on a stage as well. See you there:-)

  3. Great work. Love to be part of this action.

  4. Your events calendar is amazingly full. Wow. You are doing such a wonderful things for various communities.☺ Thank you Roman and family. Keep inspiring


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