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Our lives have been overwhelmed with bad news constantly bombarding us from various media -  TV news, Radio and Newspapers. However, is it really like this?
We (SpurTopians)  look at the world from a different perspective - the bigger picture - and we see a huge amount of positivism, progress and a great deal of good news around us. More and more people  are awakening, becoming interested in a sustainable lifestyle and opting for a better, simpler, healthier and happier life. This positive change is becoming inevitable -it is bubbling under a lid and every now and again a bit of fresh steam comes out.

  • TV news full of good news
  • Radio interviews with positive attitudes
  • Newspapers publishing success stories
  • Companies being ethical and fully transparent with their profits 
  • Internet platforms (like Google or Facebook) providing only good news
  • People being  healthy and happy
  • Integrity honesty and passion 
 .... and if you can imagine that, it is possible to achieve, otherwise it would be unimaginable....

There are more and more people growing their own organic food.
There is a lot of great work in communities around Australia and internationally.
There is a lot of Tender Love and Care around.

If we  all do what we love to do and get the most joy out of an entire day - what would the world look like? There is a bright future ahead of us.

Did you know
- When you have a good time doing what you love to do, time flies; what we think was just one hour was in fact three hours. However our body ages just for an hour.
- We are the change. The  change will come from people (bottom up) never from Government (top down).
- It will require only less than 0.5% of people to change the entire population as positive energy is a thousand times stronger than negative energy.

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  1. A wonderful philosophy to live by and one that I know you lead by example through your workshops and everything you do.
    I find that working in the community garden, growing veggies, preserving the harvest, sharing with friends - they all lighten the spirit.


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