Our Publication: Sustainable Living in the Inner City - An Inspirational Case Study

We wrote an educational publication - "Sustainable Living in the Inner City - An Inspirational Case Study and Toolkit for the Urban Farming and Establishing Sustainable Communities in the Cities" which aim to provide inspiration, help and guideline for other people interested in wholesome, simple and happy life.

To request a free copy of the publication (PDF) please send an email to spurtopia@gmail.com

Liveable cities are those that are healthy and sustainable. Close to 90% of people in Australia live in cities (esa.un.org/unpd/wup) and about one third are renters. There is an increasing number of people who want to grow organic food, live a more sustainable life, and enhance their well-being, but they may not know where to start. Many want to live a more wholesome, simple and fulfilling life. This case study outlines the opportunities and challenges of a five year transformation of an ordinary urban block of rental units in the inner-city Brisbane into a productive urban farm. It became a functional community, and a sustainable lifestyle was achieved. This publication  also provides testimonials from tenants and neighbours as well as a landlord who supported this sustainable urban design initiative. It aims to demonstrate: what can be achieved; to inspire people (homeowners, tenants, landlords and property developers) to be creative; to initiate other sustainable projects; and show how this example of sustainable living can be scaled up or down and be replicated elsewhere.


  1. I would love a copy of this! Roman, I loved your presentation at Logan Hyperdome Library recently and I look forward to an email from you ...
    Spurtopia: so inspiring!!
    God bless

    1. Hi David,
      Could you please let me know your email so i can send the publucation over to you.


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