Is your body lacking Iron? Fix it with a natural and easy remedy!

Apple and nails - natural source of iron and vitamin C
We would like to share a natural remedy for body iron deficiency. It has worked for us so it should work for you as well. It’s very simple, easy to do and very efficient. Conventional iron pills available from Pharmacies are not really natural and thus not as effective. More importantly, they sometimes cause constipation. For iron to be ‘absorbed' by the human body, it needs to be taken with vitamin C.  We use old nails and push them into an apple. What happens is that acid in the apple causes a release of iron into the apple flesh which along with the vitamin C in the apple, makes iron digestible by the human body. Find about 10 old rusty nails (not galvanized nails) then clean and sterilized them in boiling water. Push the nails into the apple and place it into the fridge. Next morning pull them out and eat the apple. Now push the nails into another apple and repeat the process for a few weeks and you will see the difference. You can see how the apple absorbs iron as along the hole made by the nail, the apple gets darker. However, it does not change its taste. Nature is very clever and powerful!

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  1. Here is a comment we received.

    Hello Spurtopia,
    I am contacting you to thank you for your advice on your blog regarding iron levels. I was at one of your workshops
    a few weeks ago and told Jana about my daughters iron levels being as low as 7 when she was pregnant. I saw
    your article on your blog about nails in apples. She gave it a go and her iron level is now 35. It was the only
    thing she did to try and increase her level. I would really like to thank you for sharing your knowledge about the apples and
    nails and also for tirelessly spreading the word on sustainability.

    Kim Little


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