We Are What We Eat - Grow Your Own Food

Creating a no-dig garden bed
Empowering people to grow their own food allows them to eat fresh and organic fruit and vegies, be healthier, save money, provide physical and mental exercise, connect with nature and be less reliant and  future resilient.
If people knew how conventional food has been produced and stored, they would not buy it and either grow it at home or purchase it from an organic farmer. With the  amount of "artificial and dead" food people eat it is surprising how the human body can cope continue living.
We are what we eat. It is all about education. And that is why we freely share our knowledge and experience of growing your own  food. In the last few days we have been sharing our gardening and alternative lifestyle knowledge with people to inspire and encourage them to take the first step.
  • Filming for Bris 31 TV gardening program Blooming in Brisbane and aiming to have a regular segment – it starts 10 Sept.
  • Demonstration of ideas and inventions at DIY Vertical Gardening Workshop at Loganlea Community Centre
  • Hands on Workshop – no-dig garden at the Community Garden Bethania Street Wynnum
Talking gardening ideas and  inventions

The TV producer - Lada

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