2in1 - Worm farm as a planter pot

2in1 - Worm farm as a planter pot
A worm farm produces worm juice and beautiful rich soil  which is used for growing plants even in pots. So why not combine these two things together.
We made a worm farm as a planter pot.  Use a 10 litre bucket with lid, make 6 holes about 20 mm diameter and 7 cm above the  bottom. Establishing worms in the bucket - use a bit of soaked coir and three handfuls of  soil with worms from an established worm farm. Plant various seedlings and cuttings of Brazilian spinach, strawberries, mushroom plant, any herbs, lettuce or greens of your choice.
Worms love eating fruit and vegie scraps from the kitchen but avoid meal and meat leftovers as they will go mouldy. They love tea bags and coffee grounds. Adding shredded newspaper and cardboard provides carbon. The worms produce liquid which plants drink so you rarely need to water. The "worm farm plant pot" should be kept in the shade close to your kitchen or even hung out of a window, so you can pick greens for your meal and dispose of fruit and vegie scraps.
A hanging worm farm

Plants growing in a worm farm bucket

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