The World Cheapest SuperFood - Sprouts

Sprouted seeds = Superfood

Sprouts are one of the healthiest, freshest and cheapest superfoods you can eat. You can grow them on a kitchen bench in a container/ jar. In just a couple of days you have great fresh sprouts to eat. Mix them with muesli or into fruit salad. Add lemon juice to enhance taste. The sprouting seed  significantly enhances their vital energy, increases digestible protein multiple times, provides vitamins and minerals. Try sprouting mung and adzuki beans, lentils, fenugreek, wheat, barley, rye and alfalfa. Soak seeds in a container overnight,  then rinse twice daily in an airy container. Once sprouts mature, they can be stored in a fridge for a couple a days not more as they will lost their vital energy. Sprouts on the supermarket shelf can be several days old with diminished vital energy so it's not good value for money. Buy some seeds (mung, azuki and fenugreek to star with) grow your own fresh sprouts. From a handful of seeds you will get sprouts to eat for the entire week. Every day eat a bit and next day sprouts re-grow keeping volume up. Sprouts need air to grow, so cover the top of the jar with an airy cloth or leave the lid slightly aside. Keep sprouts moist but not soaked. If mold appears  there is insufficient air flow. We use organic seeds as these are  chemical free and grown in the most natural way. A kilo of organic seeds for sprouting costs about $6 and will last at least a month. So your family will have plenty of fresh organic food full of goodness.
We source organic seed in or in health shops.
 Happy sprouting. 
Did you know that Alfalfa (lucerne) seeds are one of the most nutritious. Alfalfa sprouts contain almost all vitamins, minerals and trace elements know to us.

Soaking time over night

Drain and rinse seeds in the morning

First day of sprouting

Second day of  sprouting

Third day of sprouting


  1. Oh I am so pleased to see that you have a blog, and will be following along. I really enjoyed seeing you on Gardening Australia, and was excited when I saw the link that Rhonda put on her blog..

  2. The pleasure is on our side that you have found our blog. Pleased you enjoyed Gardening Australia story. Would you like to watch more? Watch the space ...

  3. Hi Roman, thanks for the post! Just wondering if you mind saying where you buy your seed sprouts from? As $6 for a kilo seems very good, I looked online and saw organic seeds for $40+kg!!

    1. Hi, if we need to buy seeds for sprouting, we buy organic seeds at Flaneryes, Wray Organic or Health shops. Most of seeds there would be around $6. Hope this helps.


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