Amazing Things Happen

"Happy Birthday" present

Our daughter Lada turned 3 year old recently and she got the best birthday present she could imagine. On the day of her birthday (18 April), Zlata, her new little sister (48cm, 2.99kg) came to the world to personally wish her ‘Happy Birthday’. She was born in a peaceful home environment fairly quickly (less than 2 hours) early that morning. It was an amazingly positive experience for all three of us, especially when we did not need any assistance. Daddy (Roman) turned into a midwife and managed to “catch” Zlata and cut her umbilical cord, while Lada turned into a nurse helping and witnessing the entire birth which she absolutely loved.

Later on that day, we all went to visit our official midwife for Zlata’s health check and to fill out paper work. All was good and no need for any further assistance.

The next day we planted a Macadamia tree on Zlata’s placenta. We chose the Macadamia tree (Queensland nut tree), as it’s native to this beautiful part of world. We intentionally put the tree into a pot so we can later plant it at our new permanent place to live.

Mum (Jana) and Zlata are healthy and Zlata is growing fast with all the goodness from mum’s milk. She is already coming with us to the garden, observing the beauty of nature and how the garden is flourishing.

It was such great timing as Lada had her birthday party the day before. Many friends came to celebrate and no one even thought our baby would be born three weeks early.

So amazing things happen, Lada and Zlata (Zlata is Czech for gold) will celebrate their birthdays on the same day.

Zlata's tree


  1. Congratulations to you all on the birth of Zlata. What a beautiful family portrait!
    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

  2. Congratulations on the birth of Zlata. Wonderful news. Very best wishes.

  3. Wooow. Gratulujem rodinka. Krasny pribeh. Vsetko dobre prajem.

  4. Congratulations Roman, Jana and Lada. Great family photo and story.

  5. Congratulations - what a lovely family you make. awesome that they share a birthday.

  6. Lovely to hear all is well, and everyone is settling into the new normal. :)

  7. The very best of life's blessing to all of you


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