SpurTopia - Sustainable Living in a Rental property Workshop

The next stop: SpurTopia Workshop
SpurTopia "Kingdom of Happiness" held a "Sustainable living in a rental property" workshop today. About 40 eager people turned up including kids. The display table was loaded with home produce, garden produce, and invented gadgets like self watering planter boxes and a solar cooker. We started with a presentation about our sustainable living with lots of interesting questions answered. Then we went for a garden tour around the house and showed how theory has been applied in practice. We finished off with tasting home brewed Kombucha, solar made yoghurt, raw honey from our bees and tea made from stinging nettle and mint accompanied by solar baked cake. What an awesome afternoon. We are really pleased to share our experience and knowledge with people who are interested in a more fulfilling natural way of living.
Let's start Dady
Let's start Daddy!!
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Chat and play under a mango tree
Let's start Dady
Presentation in the full swing
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SpurTopia display table

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  1. Wonderful day! Thank you for your generosity in time and resources!


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