Filming day - ABC Gardening Australia

Action .... Stop ......Action
What an awesome day! ABC Gardening Australia came back to film another story at our place today. Jerry and the filming crew were very excited about all the ideas. Lada, as "director" was eating passion fruits, mulberries and a red capsicum while orchestrating the entire team :-). The day was kick started with a morning  smoothie from our herbs and fruits and at lunch time, we stopped for delicious vegetable soup Jana prepared from our garden produce with home baked bread. For desert, we had a banana cake baked in our solar oven while filming. We look forward to seeing the Gardening Australia show on 19 April.

Break time

Action !!! 
Well Done TEAM


  1. How exciting! Can't wait to see the show.

  2. I really love the color choice and it never gets old!

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