Water harvesting

Rain water harvesting system
Rain water is collected from the house and shed roof to rubbish bins and caged containers of the total capacity over 5000 litres. We can regulate how much water we want to harvest and divert to different areas. Collected water is then used for gravity fed irrigation system to water garden.

Gravity fed irrigation system
Collected rain water is delivered from caged tanks to garden via swimming pool hose which is ended up with vacuum cleaner pipe fitted with watering rose.
1 meter of level difference is enough to provide pressure similar or better then from watering can. Save us a lot of walking and carrying full watering cans around the garden. Also no pump/ power is required.

Grey water harvesting and irrigation
We use grey water from our washing machine to water sugar cane and banana patch. As we make our laundry liquid we know it's save for plants. Water from the washing machine flows into a bucket which has watering hose connected at the bottom and water flows naturally down to the garden.

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