Alternative Energy

Solar cooking
Using sun for baking, cooking and frying.
We bake bread and cakes, cook potatoes, rice, beans.
Solar oven is made of cor-flute with adhesive reflective foil. Food is cooked/baked in a black pot placed in an oven bag.
 Solar cooker schematic

Solar made yogurt
We make organic yogurt in sun. Mix 2 litres of milk with 2 table spoons of yogurt from previous batch and heat to 40 degC. Then feel up glass jars, place them into a black plastic bag and leave it in sun for the entire day ( at least 6 hours of sunshine). In winter time when extra heat might be needed use a pizza box with reflective foil on lid to add extra heat. Read more ...

Solar hot water system from recycled material
Sun is in abundance in Australia. So why not use it? The most efficient conversion of sun energy is into thermal energy (over 50% efficiency) while conversion into electricity by PV solar collectors is just about 15%. Why to pay thousands of dollars for a commercial solar hot water system if homemade system can cost less than $50.

Wood fired Cob Oven
Baking bread and pizza on campfire has additional taste to it. We made our simple cob oven in 5 minutes and it works so well. Just few pieces of wood and it's baking.

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