"Working towards self-sufficiency is a lifestyle."

Solar cooking
Using a solar cooker and oven on a daily basis makes our life much more exciting. If the sun does not shine there is always a back up plan - conventional cooking. Solar cooker schematic

Preserves & Conserves
- Pickles
- Spreads
- Jams
- Chutney
- Ice creams

Home Baked
- Breads
- Pizzas baked in a cob oven
- Cakes

The cheapest and healthiest food we can eat and easily grow even on a kitchen bench. Mung, Adzuki and Rice beans, Lentils, Wheat, Rye, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Chickpea are just a sample of seeds for sprouting. Read more ...

Fermenting & Home Brew
- Kombucha
- Sauerkraut
- Kefir
- Organic Home-made Yoghurt with Energy of Sun

Home made cleaning products
- Multipurpose Household Cleaner
- Citrus Fragrance softener
- Liquid Laundry Detergent
- Aloe Vera tooth paste
- Aloe Vera hair shampoo

Rain/Grey water harvesting for watering garden
Collecting rain water from house and shed roof in various tanks for watering the garden and drinking water. Also harvesting grey water from our washing machine to gravity irrigate bananas and sugar cane.

Solar hot water generation
Easy to make solar hot water system from recycled  materials which utilize the sun and saves a lot of energy.

Home grown food
Our garden provides us with more than we can eat - herbs, vegies and fruit in abundance. On average, we produce 70% of our food from our backyard and only 30% we need to buy. List of plants

Using recycled material to build gadgets
Kerbside collection and stuff from skips provides us with  plenty of materials to created new gadgets. Ideas & Inventions

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