Meet the SpurTopians

Winner of
The brightest shirt competition
Roman "Let's smash it out"
He lives what he preaches.  Enthusiasm, passion and laugh can characterize his  unique approach to people and life. His engineering mind always comes up with some ideas and inventions. All the time he is working on several projects at once and wishing for more time to get them finish. Gardening, work around the house, contracting sustainable design of buildings and taking care of his family are his day to day activities.

What's in there
Jana "It's good for you"
Her passion for family and kids makes her an outstanding mum and child carer. She is a brilliant cook who always comes up with a new recipe utilizing garden produce and turning it into delicious, fresh and tasty food which no-one can resist. As a mum, she is a prime example of how to bring up kids with care, love and passion. She is the base stone of our family. Spreading the word about sustainable living and parenting, makes her a great advocate of the lifestyle she has achieved.

Fruit of our garden
Lada "Ba-ba-bab"
She is the latest addition to the family and brings us to another dimension of life. The young gardener already puts her hands in the soil and helps herself to ripe strawberries and other garden produce. Her organic fertilizer (poo and wee) makes bananas fruit really well. At the age of 4 months she became a TV star. Smiles and a healthy look make her an admiring happy girl. Lada's natural birth story

The SpurTopians
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