What can be fresher, healthier and travel zero mileage that your own garden produce. Our garden produce more than we can eat all year around. Green vegie, herbs, tomatoes, capsicums, eggplants, potatoes, kohl rabies, beans, zucchinis, pumpkins, carrots, beetroots, pepinos,  sweet corns  to name just a few. We grow over 25 kind of herbs, 55 variety of vegetable, 25 types of fruit. All together over 100 different kinds of plants on about 100 m2 backyard. List of garden plants
Everything in the garden have a multiple purpose. For example, bamboo pyramid is used as climbing trellis for  beans which in return provide shade to the garden bed. Birds sit on bamboo poles and watch out for bugs, even an owl, sitting on the top of pyramid, joins us occasionally  in the evening . And finally shape of the pyramid provides certain energy to the garden bed and to us while working under.

Growing stuff in self-watering planter boxes is very easy and doesn't need to water for several days even weeks. We invented single decker, double decker and triple decker planter boxes which create pyramid shape garden bed. The planter boxes are made from recycled material (styrofoam boxes and PVC pipe). We grow hearbs, fruit and root vegetable with a great success. These are light and portable, suitable for patios, balconies and concrete yards.

Recycled bath tub created water garden bed, where growing edible greens e.g. Water crest, Vietnamese mint, Asian spinach and Water chestnuts. Water is aerated by a solar powered fountain providing ever changing water bubbling effect depending on intensity of solar radiation. In the tub is fish eating mosquito laves. Plenty of lizards and frogs around create an small ecosystem.

Utilizing block walls and fences for vertical growing. What a great use of space. Growing passion fruit and Madagascar beans on wall as well as cucumbers and rock melon on neighbors fence.

19 Oct 2013, our garden was featured on ABC Gardening Australia  in story called  "A Small kingdom"

19 April 2014 ABC Gardening Australia revisited SpurTopia

 Little inventions story

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