Sharing is Caring - Do you Care?

Sharing is caring
 We care and that is a reason why we are sharing. We share with passion which is infectious so people are awakening and sharing the passion with others. Altogether we will make a difference.

Once more and more people start to care, the world will become a more enjoyable place to live in. And it will be.

Many thanks to Nancy and Andrew Kent from The Inspiration Garden for being a part of the Open Garden day where we shared our sustainable ideas and inventions.

We also shared our beekeeping experience in the "How to start Beekeeping" workshop with over 30 keen people at SpurTopia's place. They came to learn how to start keeping  honey bees in a backyard from scratch. This shows how much people care as without bees and their pollination we would not have over 2/3 of the food we eat.  So .... Be Free with Bees.

As we want to share more and an increasing number of people are eager to learn, we have decided to run  more workshops on specific topics at our place.

SpurTopians with Nancy and Andrew from The Inspiration Garden

Bees, bees, bees, what would we be without you?

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