SpurTopia inspired thousands of Queensland Garden Expo visitors

SpurTopia stall at the QLD Garden Expo
SpurTopia had a stall and gave presentations at the biggest Queensland Garden Expo, in Nambour. Over three days of sharing useful information, ideas, inventions and practical tips and tricks for day-to-day use, we inspired thousands of people to become less reliant, more sustainable and environmentally aware while reducing living expenses and living healthier lifestyles. The overwhelming positive responses fuel us to carry on with spreading our messages.

To share knowledge rather than competing and making money
A new era of sharing for the benefit of others and the entire community is the way to go.

To revive what was common half a century ago but somehow got lost in the translation
How is it possible that our grandparents lived a more or less self-sufficient life, producing their own food, clothes and doing everything by themselves while now with all our so called “society progress” and all the available technology, it is unthinkable to be self-sufficient? In fact, we are so reliant on food, energy and healthcare supply that we have become a very vulnerable and unhealthy society.

To brighten up our children's future
Our current way of life leaves our children a lot of “garbage” to deal with. So when your children ask you in the future, “Daddy, Mummy if you knew what was happening, What Did You Do about it?”, what will your answer be?

Sharing ideas 


 Everyone enjoyed the event

Talking sprouts

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