Chemical-Free Cockroach Trap

Catch in the trap
Cockroaches living around and in the houses are seen as pests. In SpurTopia we see them as a part of the food chain. They can be a great source of protein for chickens and more importantly the chooks love them. So the question is, rather then spraying surface pesticides in the household (which is not good for human health and environment), why not catch them and feed them to the chooks.
Catching cockroaches in a trap is very easy. Get a glass jar, put a piece of banana skin into it and put oil or Vaseline around the top of the jar. That's it!!! Because cockroaches love banana skins they get into the jar but can not get out as the top is slippery. It works so well. Over one night we caught eight cockroaches and fed them straight to the chooks reducing the cockroach population while improving egg production and nutrition. Trapping avoids the use of nasty chemicals and it's free.

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