Lada's Tree Story

Lada and her Pawpaw tree
When our daughter Lada was born, we planted a baby Pawpaw tree. Lada's tree is very special to us as it is planted on her placenta. We intentionally put the tree in a pot because if we have to relocate, the tree will go with us. It has been an amazing year watching how Lada and her tree have been growing beautifully. The Pawpaw turned out to be a male tree with beautiful fragrant flowers. Lada's tree is very important as it provides pollination for all the female Pawpaw trees in the garden and even in the neighbourhood. Without her tree we would not have Pawpaw fruit. We have harvested over 50 kg of yellow Pawpaws - we have had fresh and sweet fruit almost every day for half a year. We all look forward to many years to come.
Did you know that the Pawpaw tree is very fast growing? From seed to fruit it's about a year. Pollination of Pawpaws is done by a moth which flies at night. One male tree per three kilometers radius is supposed to be enough to pollinate female trees.
Baby Pawpaw planted on Lada's placenta

Tasty organic Pawpaw

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