Lada - The World Class Water Saver, Recycler and Fertilizing Machine

Lada bathing
Lada's contribution to environment - Saving water, recycling  and  fertilizing plants. Since the start of her duty, 11 month ago, the banana plants have gone berserk producing huge bunches of bananas. So how does she do that?
Water from her bath is used for soaking her cloth nappies. This  enriches the water  with her wee and poo. Water boosted with nutrients is then used for watering the bananas. The banana plants produce beautiful and tasty bananas.
Lada eats the fruit of her hard work, producing more fertilizer and the cycle continues. What can be more efficient?

Watering bananas

Enriching process of  soaking nappies

Fruiting bananas

Lada loves bananas

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