Hands on Workshop: Self-Watering Planter Box

SpurTopia Revolution - Make your self-watering planter box for free
Today a "Hands On" Workshop took place at SpurTopia. Despite rainy weather eleven people came to make their own self-watering planter boxes under the shelter of the house. When the styrofoam boxes were completed, there was a surprise to come. We made self-watering pots from a plastic milk container, perfect for seedlings or herbs. After the hard work we stretched our legs on a tour around the garden. Then we sat down and had tea, home brew and freshly baked cake along with great chats.
These boxes (made from recycled materials- styrofoam box and PVC pipe) provide easy growing conditions even in a difficult environment such as a balcony. You can go on a couple of weeks holiday while the plants will have over 10 litres of water stored in the box.
Everyone was happy leaving with two self-watering planters and bok-choi seedlings and Brazilian spinach cuttings to plant.
3D Vegie Pyramid from self-watering planter boxes

These are the boxes we used for the 3D vegie pyramid

Not only vegies grow in the boxes :-)

Make your own..... 
Finished self-watering box
Chat - not only about boxes

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